August Events and bring in the Crew before busy sets in!

It’s true.  Fall is coming at us like a freight train!  Now is the time to do those things your curious about, but haven’t had the time to do.  Bloomington Salt Cave is a beautiful and unique destination to bring family, friends and those out-of-towners.  Share with them the experience of relaxation and an overall feeling of wellness.  Breathing the salt infused air is an excellent reispatory cleanse and provides a negative ion rich environment to boost immune system while increasing serotonin levels.


AUGUST EVENTS:  Space is limited!  Please call 812-339-2805 to reserve your spot.

August 5th GONG BATH.  6pm-7pm  $35.  During a Gong Bath Meditation, Kundalini Master Mervyn Alphonse will guide you in breathwork.  Then lay back and let the tones carry you away into an effortless state of relaxation.

August 8th RESTORATIVE YOGA 6pm-6:45pm.  $35.  Relax on the salt pebble floor while holding simple yoga posses.  You will be supported by pillows and props during this practice with no muscular engagement.  Annie Patrick Buechlein will guide you and give a Reiki healing plus essential oil treatment.

August 22nd  GUIDED MEDITATION AND ACUPUNCTURE 6pm-7:30pm  $45.  Join Annie Patrick Buechlein for Guided Meditation and Leah Craig of Roots of Healing Acupuncture.  Leah will place tiny needles on specific points on the body to facilitate an even deeper state on relaxation.  It’s not painful!  If you’ve never tried acupuncture before, it’s a great opportunity to check it out in the relaxing setting of the Salt Cave.  Miss Annie will guide you in a meditation.  Get your energy balanced with this triple dose of Awesome!

August 23rd SALING THE INNER SEAS: A GUIDED MEDITATION 6pm-7pm $35.  Join Lois H. Silverman as we set sail for a special journey to your Inner Seas.  Enjoy a refreshing halotherapy session as we dive deep to meet our Sea Guides and unlock treasure!  Please bring a journal or pad and pen/pencil.  No previous meditation experience required.

August 25th  GROUP READINGS by Emily Sullivan. 6pm-7:30pm $35.  A night of sharing messages is designed to create a place for healing and transformation in your life.  Individuals receive messages from loved ones who have passed regarding current situations in your life that you are seeking solutions for.  You have a choice in the manner of the direction of your life from your perspective.  Emily studied at the Sarasota Center of Light where she received a certificate for Mediumship.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY ON WEDENSDAYS!  By appointment only.  10am to 6pm.  30 minutes one person $55, two people for the hour $110.  Join certified Foot Reflexologist Mary Lokers in the Salt cave!  Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate more than 7200 nerve endings in each foot.  Promotes balance and normalization of the body, improves circulation, delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells and reduces stress.