Setember is our 1st year Anniversary Month!

Here are some moments from the building experience!  Chris drew up the Blue Pints and made it all happen.  The space we rent had peg board on the walls in one big room, so we divided the space into 3 “rooms”.  Reception, bathroom and cave.  Drywall, wood and plaster ceiling with fiber lights, wood panels installed with acrylic board so that the light would shine through the salt bricks.  All eco-friendly materials.  We ordered 4 and 1/2 tons of pink Himalayan Salt, pebbles, large crystals and brick.  We want to thank all the people who came for the first week of business, free sessions to get our feet wet in running everything!  Then all those customers who have come back since!  Then there is our wonderful Practitioners who give that extra wonderful by leading guided meditations, gong baths, restorative yoga, acupuncture, crystal singing bowls, group readings, breathwork, foot reflexology.  ALL EVENTS receive Halotherapy, micron sized particles  of salt are being breathed in to clean your reispatory system, reduce inflammation, boost immune system and soothe the mind.

To celebrate the first year, we are pouring wine for the 6pm halotherapy sessions or Events on Thursday and Sundays at 6pm.  Also offering a free Lip Balm to those who share pictures of Bloomington Salt Cave on Social Media!

Here is the September event lineup:  Please remember to call and reserve your spot.  Space is limited!

9/9:  Gong  Bath Meditation:  6-7pm $35 with Mervyn Alphonse Kundalini Master and Sound Therapist.  During a Gong Bath Meditation, Mervyn will guide you in breathwork, then lay back and let the tones carry you away into an effortless state of relaxation.

9/11: A Guided Meditation for Love 6-7pm  $35 with Lois Silverman

9/16:  Restorative Yoga and Reiki  6-6:45pm  $35 with Annie Buchlein Yoga and Reiki Master. Restore your body, mind and spirit with gentle poses, held for extended time, surrounded with bolsters and props.  Sink down in the salt floor and relax.  As always, Annie’s classes combine Reiki, Essential oils, singing bowls and whatever magic appears that evening!


9/19:  Guided Meditation with ACUPUNCTURE 6-7pm  $45 with Annie Buechlein and Leah Craig.  Join Annie and Leah in Salt Cave for a special evening of healing.  Leah of Roots of Healing Acupuncture will place needles on specific points of the body to aid healing and relaxation as Annie of Inner Space guides you through a meditation to relax the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

9/21:  Soaring the Inner Skies: A Guided Meditation  6-7pm $35 with Lois Silverman look at 9/25 for details

9/22:  Intuitive Medium Group Readings 6-7pm $35  with Emily Sullivan Certified Mediumship.    Group readings by Emily is a night of sharing ad designed to create a place for healing and transformation in your life.  Individuals receive messages from loved ones who have passed regarding current situations in your life you are seeking solutions for.

9/25:  Soaring the Inner Skies: A Guided Meditation 6-7pm $35  Take flight for a special journey through your own Inner Skies in a new guided meditation with Lois!  Enjoy an uplifting halotherapy session as we find our wings and tap the great wisdom of the Winds.  Please bring a journal or pad and pencil.  With Lois Silverman

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY 10am – 6pm 9/12,  9/15,  9/26, 9/29.  By appointment only.  Call Salt Cave to book!   812-339-2805  one to two people per session.  One person can have 30 minutes $55 or 45 minutes $70.  Two people $110 get 30 minutes each and will be in cave the whole hour. With  Certified Foot Reflexologist Mary Lokers.  Foot Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate more that 7200 nerve endings in each foot.  Promotes balance and normalization of the body, improves circulation, delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells and reduces stress.