Offering a Cool, Dry & Peaceful Experience for July

Our world is filled with events that Challenge our Nervous Systems.   Finding the time to take care of ourselves is also challenging.   Make it EASY and consider coming to the salt cave!  What does the BSC have to offer you and your family and friends?   A Cool & Dry Salt Air Environment for:

*Respiratory care (Allergy/Sinus/Asthma relief) 

 *Parasympathetic System care (Regulate  “Rest and Digest” functions).   

Use the Singing Bowl, Tuning Forks (C & G to be used for each ear for full body tuning), Rain Stick, Cymbals.  Play in the salt floor. It’s nice a cool in the cave for these hot summer days!  Breathe the salt infused negative ionized air.   Bring your Body and Mind to a State of Calm. And bring your family and friends ( up to 6 people)!

We are very excited to announce Carla Carey from Courageous Living’s Summer series in the Cave!  Coming up:

7/7 Oracle Card Readings

7/14 Guided Meditation

7/21 Private Concert

7/28 Sound Bath.

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